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How long does it take to seal a car?

Depending on the vehicle type a complete sealing with cleaning of the interior lasts about 3-4h.

Do I have to bring the vehicle, or do you fetch it?

It's upon to you to decide this. In the periphery of ~30km we fetch your vehicle without price surcharge and bring it back cleaned and sealed.

Do I have to wash the vehicle before?

No, that is not necessary, since the external cleaning is included in the price.

I have chromium-plated rims. Is your product also suitable for this type of surface?

Yes, the sealing clings to all smooth surfaces and therefore your rims are as well.

If I want my vehicle to be sealed, is it possible to get a replacement vehicle?

Yes, if you wish, we can put a car at your disposal.

How long is the paint sealing effective?

If you use not an outdated brush washing plant and wash your sealed vehicle by hand or with a high pressure cleaner, the sealing is active approximately one year in average. However If you use repeatedly a brush washing plant, we cannot guarantee that with the time small micro scratches won't show up again, since particularly badly maintained washing plants act like sandpaper and damage the paint.

It depends of the utilization, the parking, the maintenance & care and the kilometres driven per year with the car.

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